Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gerri read her blog and liked it

I saw Gerri yesterday. She was home from the hospital, I hadn't seen her for a week. What a difference a week can make. The terrible pain spikes Gerri is going through takes away a bit of her strength every time. As a consequence Gerri was a bit dopey, but her pain was controlled. The transfer from the hospital to the apartment went well and she could navigate the few steps to her floor. So, I expected her to lay down for a nap in the hospital bed in the living room, but she rallied and we sat down and opened her computer. We went through the email messages and then she read all of the posts on the blog, including your comments.

It's Gerri's blog and she insisted that I add my picture to it, so that people could see who is writing the posts. I objected, but, if you know Gerri, that doesn't get you very far. You can't argue with the woman. So, I added my picture, but I have my sun glasses on!

Gerri's focus now is on her son's visit, her beloved Bartholomew Mokuh (with the unpronounceable last name). I think I'll start calling him Mokuh now, or Barthi, as he is also known... Bartholomew is a mouth full. He'll see her next Friday, arriving on the Island from Baltimore on Thursday night in Comox. He'll spend the night at my place, and is picked up to be driven to Campbell River next day. In one of his emails he hinted at his eventful relationship with Gerri, I think there might be a book in that story.

Then I remembered that I had this on my desktop from April last year. Didn't want to loose it. It's an interview with Gerri, giving a tiny glimpse into the life of the woman we all love. 'My Hand on the Bush".


  1. Hello dear GG!

    What a wonderful idea to post your updates on this blog - and thank you to Marianne for doing such a great job to keep us all connected.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear one.


  2. i got to see Gerri while still in hospital as I was a patient as well. She had gotten her pain under control an was looking forward to going home. She gave me so much help with my singing. I honor the sacrifices she has made on this path to her Lord, and the gifts she has unhesitatingly bestowed. Everytime I sing now, I will think of her and thank Baha'u'llah she came into my life. I pray, when it is my time to transistion to the next world, I am able to do it with at least a small measure of the grace and joy she has displayed. I love you so much, Gerri Pat Johnson

  3. Gerri you are such an embodiment of God's love, an awesome example and inspiration to us, thank you so much for choosing to come to Campbell River. We are indeed very blessed by your presence amongst us. Keeping you forever close in our thoughts and prayers, Irv