Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saying good bye to the world

When I arrived Gerri was dressed, sitting up, having lunch, eating slowly and with enjoyment. Her place is very peaceful and calm. She is very tired now. As we talked about some things it became immediately clear that all worldly matters, ongoing by necessity, are now wholly in the hands of her family or myself.

Gerri instructed me to put one more post on her blog while she is still here. She wants to say good bye to all  her dear friends, be they close or distant. She has now turned away from all worldly things, they no longer have any significance. You could say that she is in transit  to the Abha Kingdom.

Gerri's spirit takes little flights away sometimes, a little bit like a fledgling bird trying out its wings, and after a few minutes she is back and continues the conversation.

Don't get me wrong. Gerri is 'all there'. We discussed how she feels. Her journey at this stage is intensely personal and very private, nothing else matters. It may be hard for us to understand this, but Gerri agreed that you could compare this time to your wedding day. Isn't it one of the few days in your life that is uniquely yours? On that day the world retreats, nothing else matters but you and your beloved and the beginning of your new life together.

So Gerri is saying good bye to us all. It won't be long now and her body will set her spirit free.

Of course this is not the last post. There will be one more, when the time has come. In the meantime, unless you were specifically asked to do so, please, no calls, no emails, no visits, no mail or deliveries. Prayers, on the other hand, are never wasted or refused.