Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home again

Gerri is home again. Just a quick update today to say that she's back from the hospital and while being a little weaker in some ways, she feels stronger in others. Gina said excitedly 'she is eating whole meals again' to underline how much more stable Gerri is. Now don't think that she is tucking into 4 course dinners, it's enough that Gerri is eating small portions of real food, that is a whole lot better than she has done in quite a while.

When it is possible Gina and Gerri plan and work. It continues to amaze me how much work it is to wind up an earthly life. To the last Gerri wants to make it easier for those who are left behind. She is trying to organize everything ahead of time while she still can.

And, dear friends, the word 'funeral' doesn't quite fit the event that is being organized by and for Gerri. The word's too somber. By the sound of it, it should be billed "Gerri's joyful send-off from this life into the next".

Monday, January 31, 2011

Home on Tuesday

Mokuh sent confirmation that he arrived safely at home, and with it some pictures. Gerri will be thrilled when she sees them.

Mo and Mokuh at Vancouver Airport

Gerri is still in hospital. She is up and down. She is comfortable in the hospital and seems to have fewer 'downs'. Mind you, when she has a crisis, which she had to endure again on Saturday, it is terrible and nearly unbearable; in those hours she wants to be released from this earth. It has become apparent that Gerri responds well to a certain routine during her day and that routine is what doctors, nurses and pharmacist want to replicate for her when she is at home, so that she can enjoy more 'ups'.

When she gets home, be it Tuesday, as planned, or later in the week she'll be cared for by three of her siblings. Her brother and sister are visiting from Vancouver and her little apartment will be full!

Gerri will see her blog and all of your comments and good wishes later this week. I am sure she'll love to read what you've written. I would like to remind everyone that this is a public journal, meaning that everyone on earth can read it if they happen to find it. Your comments should not contain personal information, such as phone numbers, or addresses, or messages that are better sent by email. Gerri gets all her messages, she just doesn't get them every day.