Monday, January 31, 2011

Home on Tuesday

Mokuh sent confirmation that he arrived safely at home, and with it some pictures. Gerri will be thrilled when she sees them.

Mo and Mokuh at Vancouver Airport

Gerri is still in hospital. She is up and down. She is comfortable in the hospital and seems to have fewer 'downs'. Mind you, when she has a crisis, which she had to endure again on Saturday, it is terrible and nearly unbearable; in those hours she wants to be released from this earth. It has become apparent that Gerri responds well to a certain routine during her day and that routine is what doctors, nurses and pharmacist want to replicate for her when she is at home, so that she can enjoy more 'ups'.

When she gets home, be it Tuesday, as planned, or later in the week she'll be cared for by three of her siblings. Her brother and sister are visiting from Vancouver and her little apartment will be full!

Gerri will see her blog and all of your comments and good wishes later this week. I am sure she'll love to read what you've written. I would like to remind everyone that this is a public journal, meaning that everyone on earth can read it if they happen to find it. Your comments should not contain personal information, such as phone numbers, or addresses, or messages that are better sent by email. Gerri gets all her messages, she just doesn't get them every day.


  1. Hi Auntie Gee, it's good to hear you're having more 'ups' in the hospital. :) Just wait till you see what they have in store for you once you get home. :))

    'Davey me Boy'

  2. thank you Marianne for the news - you write so well, and with such love and caring, and I so appreciate what you are doing to keep us posted. And to Gerri...sending you love, always, and thinking often of you. Another group of grandmothers (this is a group in Vancouver) has asked to see our film as they would like to share it with their group, and then perhaps use it for a fundraiser. We will be doing the same in September. I am so happy to think of all these different grandmother groups checking it out, and using it across good it that!
    kisses and most gentle hugs to both you and gina from across the pond - Jan