Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayers and Good Wishes for Gerri

Today I called Gina in Powell River. I need to know how to handle a couple of organizational matters. While I was on the phone with Gina, not more than 5-7 minutes, she received 3 (three) more calls on call waiting. She told me that the phone has not stopped ringing and she is not able to do anything else! It is shocking to me to realize how frantic things can get when you are close to someone who is preparing to leave this world. There are some things Gina needs to do in Powell River before she gets back to Campbell River, and with the phone ringing off the hook she may now have to delay her return. Gerri cannot go back home from the hospital without having Gina there and her place organized for the care she needs.

Please, friends, unless you have some urgent matter to discuss with Gina, don't call her for updates on, or good wishes for Gerri. We are trying to keep you updated here.

Gerri has had another pain crisis, but as she was in the hospital it could be treated and she has pulled through.

A couple of months ago Gerri asked that no healing prayers be said for her. The following was sent to me by a Bahá'í friend and may be of interest to the Bahá'ís amongst Gerri's friends:
"... a bit of information received by me and a few others at a meeting,  many years ago from Hand of The Cause Mr. Khadem. Someone in the group I was in asked  Mr. Khadem about the wisdom of saying "healing" prayers for someone that is very ill and it is well known that the person is not going to recover from the illness (or near death) condition.
He said: "When this is a condition determined by the professionals that the patient may be  approaching the next world, even though they have not passed yet, say the prayer for the departed for them as it assists them in the transition from this world to the next".
... I'm not suggesting you do that in this case. I am simply passing along helpful information from a certainly knowledgeable person, (in case you had not heard it previously), as a note of comfort for all of us."
I, for one will take it to heart.

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  1. Dearest Gerri and Gina,

    I miss you both very much. I am back in Vancouver and I hope I will be given a chance to come and have a short visit with you both as we had talked about. So I would love to know if it is still possible for me to come and have a visit with you both. I will wait until I hear from you. If you can, please either send me an email or leave me a phone message.

    Cell number: (604)789-5024

    Much love always,