Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeling better

Gina, Gerri's sister went home for a few days to Powell River. She is preparing for a longer stay when she gets back. Meantime Gerri is safely in the hospital, soaking up their care and the peace and quiet she needs so badly.

When I was visiting on Friday--Gerri went to the hospital that night--I couldn't believe the constant activity that was going on in her place. She is too weak to take these disruptions. It's all to do with organizing support systems, which need people to come and install things, etc. So, at the end of this week, when Gina gets back to Campbell River, Gerri will be back home and, hopefully, all the organizing is done and over with.

I just came across a note Gerri sent to Vena, that explains why she is not afraid at all. Perhaps it helps you to understand better. (I hope you don't mind, Vena.)
Gerri wrote: "No need to worry. I'm not the least bit worried myself. Broken is what the dying process is all about, and there is no recovery. My spirit is too strong for this broken body and wishes only for release from it." then she quoted Baha'u'llah: "O Son of Spirit!  Burst thy cage asunder, and even as the Phoenix of Love, soar into the firmament of holiness.  Renounce thyself, and filled with the spirit of mercy, abide in the realms of celestial sanctity."


  1. Most often humans are afraid of dying but to die is natural. this note helps people who are afraid of dying to know that life is ever lasting.It's just another stage of life. Gerri is happy to move to the next stage.


  2. Thank you for creating the blog and sharing information about Gerri. And thank you Vena. With much love, Mo