Saturday, January 8, 2011

You have found Gerri's blog...

This is a journal with brief updates on Gerri's condition for her friends. Most of you know that she is very ill with terminal cancer. On January 7, after a week of very bad days of pain and sleepless nights Gerri went to the Hospital in Campbell River. She will be there for a few days. Today already she is feeling better because her pain is now being better managed and she could sleep.

She'll be back home in the middle of next week. Please everyone, Gerri knows of your concern. She is welcoming your good thoughts and prayers, but she wants you to know that she is no longer able to receive visitors, deliveries, phone calls, or respond to her email.

Some of you know me, Marianne Henriksson. I will be keeping you updated here. I am handling Gerri's email correspondence and will generally act as her personal assistant. If you wish to communicate your thoughts and wishes to her, leave a comment here. If you have any urgent, ongoing business with Gerri, or you just need her to act on anything, write her an email and I'll make sure that you'll get a response.

If you know Gerri, you know that she is not afraid to leave this physical world and is looking forward to journey to the spiritual one.

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