Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sparkling day!

No pain today! What can I say—Gerri sparkled.

I found Gerri dressed to the hilt, getting ready for a walk outside. Was it only last week when she told me that getting up from her bed and walking down the hall was a very big accomplishment? Well, today the ladies were taking the air in the garden.
Gerri Graber eyes!
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Seriously, it was wonderful to see her looking so great. She truly was her old self. Look at her eyes! They are, like they always were, blue lasers.

I commented on the beautiful outfit she was wearing and got back that she decided to wear her good clothes from now on. She likes being dressed well and where else would she wear them now?

It's been over a week since there was a bad crisis. Gina and Gerri now know that she'll pay a price if she overdoes it. Getting up and sitting for more than 30 minutes is too much. Everything has its schedule, visits of home care nurses, registered nurses, therapists, occasional visitors, even naps.

We reminisced about the old fashioned type of nursing care that was available in hospitals once upon a time, especially the (often talked about in other contexts) sponge baths. If you ever have been the recipient of a real sponge bath, including having lotion, baby powder, or alcohol rubbed into your back, you know how incredibly wonderful that feels. Well, some things are still right with the world when you hear Gerri say that she is looking forward to a sponge bath every evening when her home care nurse comes to help her get ready for bed.

I guess it's not quite right to feel little twinges of envy...


  1. Gerri
    You are really looking great in your outfit. I am so happy to see you in that mode and wish you keep on dressing like that everyday. This is the time for you to be dressing good even if you are staying home. People do visit you everyday so you have to always look good. I like that. looking good makes you feel great. pray you have many more days like this.

    Special thanks to Marianne for uploading these beautiful pictures.


  2. Once again - a huge!!! thank you to Marianne - you are the best blogger! And love always to Gerri, and to happy that you are having these precious days dressed up in your finest! and that the sun shines, and the buds swell, and that you can be without pain.
    sweet hugs to you, and I will miss you both next weekend. Gina - you have always told me what theme our festival is each year - how will I know this year?!

    xoxoxo Jan

  3. Hi, Gerri You are always in our hearts and prayers [for steadfastness, as requested :-) ]
    So glad to hear that you're having some better days. Ecenith says hello; she is unable to bring up the blog on her Mac so I am passing on her greetings.
    Warmest of hugs to you and Gina,
    Jackie and Barry

  4. Hi Gerri, I just finished watching a fascinating episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos (well, they're all fascinating, aren't they?), and I thought of you; it's called The Edge of Forever.

    By the way, you look mmmarvelous!

    (Hi Mom!)

  5. Hi Gerri and Gina,

    I miss you both so much! Anything I want to say is not enough so only this will suffice: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU...for eternity!


    Feeling Lucky (To Gerri)

    I am the luckiest spec of dust
    to have fallen on the pages of His Holy books.
    I am the most blessed of souls
    to have dumbfoundedly trembled by His Word.
    I am the happiest of tourists
    to have gotten lost in the midst of His Mystic Valleys.
    I am the blissed out of rests
    between the inhales of His Supreme Lungs.
    I am the most ecstatic of atoms
    to have traveled through the veins of His Ethereal Universe.
    I am the most rapturous of smiles
    to have grinned awakened by His Meditations.
    I am the giantess of tears
    to have lamented moved by the music of His Prayers.
    I am the most fortuitous of voices
    to have dared share His Eternal Revelation.

    What else is there to say or do?
    Run out on the streets and drunk with heavenly madness,
    tear my pretentious clothes like a Hafiz,
    and striped of all attachments,
    drop to my knees and shout in front every tree and ocean,
    every human, child and bee:

    "Praised be God, He is God!
    All are His servants and all abide by His bidding."

    with all my love, Gergana

  6. Ecenith Le VaeFebruary 14, 2011

    A big heart to you on Valentines Day Gerri and to you too Gina! :-)
    I am thinking of you both always and have you in my prayers everyday. Mom (Cenie) sends her love also. I have finally figured out this blog, yay! (thanks Jackie). What's with that hey? and me a computer
    and so I am finally sending a big hello on here with love, kisses and hugs your way. love you sooooo much!

    I was so happy to see the beautiful pictures of your son from Africa and also to see your new pictures and how gorgeous you look! I am so happy you are able to get outside.

    My, it was stormy today!. Lily (my little JR) did not even want to go outside. I tried to put her out today when we were in town (and me getting soaked standing around waiting for her of course), but she would not move, just looked at me as if to say "Please Mom, just let me back inside! Enough already!"

    I will tune in to see how you are doing tomorrow.
    So, good night, sleep tight, don't let bugs bite -and as they say in the Tropics- "if they do, take a shoe and beat them till they're black and blue!"
    love Ecenith and Lily (and Cenie)