Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good days continue...

I got an email from Gerri herself yesterday:
"Just tears and sighs and many thanks from me today--a ten Star bonus day of five this week!"
Gerri had a big day yesterday, full of emotions. Two visits from people who came to see her from out of town. Her first visitors, Bruce and Mark, came to sing the Lord's Prayer to her, for which Bruce specially composed the music. It will be their loving contribution to Gerri's (interfaith) funeral service, and as, when the time comes, Gerri won't be able to hear it, they made a special trip to sing it to her.

Think about that for a moment...

Harold Rosen  launched his book "Founders of Faith" yesterday at North Island College. In any other circumstance Gerri would have been at his book launch, but since she was unable, the book launch came to her. Am mentioning this here because this is one book that Gerri was looking forward to reading, and I think it will be of interest to a lot of her friends.

Yesterday was a day of spiritual love that went far above and beyond the Valentine's Day version.

A note of caution to all of Gerri's friends. The no visits, no phone calls, no deliveries or other disruptions request is still in effect. Your prayers, good wishes, blog comments and emails will reach her.

It is easy to forget how fast Gerri can spiral into a crisis when she has had good days. Her ten-star days have stretched into several in a row because she has kept to a tight schedule of treatments, medications, food and rest. Gerri herself is inviting the people she needs to see. You may be getting a call from her when it is your time to talk with her.
Today, Gerri is exhausted. It's a day of rest for her. As she said in her own words, her days have been ten-star days. Pain controlled, she is eating good food, even some things she had never tried before, and treats, like chocolate and ice cream.

Gerri now enjoys her meals, savoring every bite. Something she had not been able to do in her earlier days. She was always afraid to gain weight.

Her approach to food started changing when she knew her diagnosis. She would open that chocolate, break off a piece, and ask with her wicked little grin: "would I eat this if I died tomorrow?" ...You bet she would!


  1. Dear Gerri and Gina,
    I attended the talk with Harold Rosen and bought the book. You had told me about him and I was so glad I went. There were 23 attending the meeting in Courtenay. I found him to be very inspiring, and I could have listened to him for hours.

    Gerri, you are always here with us. Aislinn is using your rolling bag to deliver papers.
    Every time i pass by my bed , or when getting ready for bed, I think of you because I have your cloths from Africa on the bed. Love and prayers to you both.


  2. Dear Gerri and Gina,

    I think of you Gerri every time I go to the hospital, or to the Senior;s home to sing.

    When I started this group, you were one of the first people I approached to join me. You were really excited and really wanted to join us.

    'You told me that Baha u llah had referred to the people of the earth as Nightingales. In your honor i am naming our group "The Nightingales"

    Besides singing in the seniors homes, I know there are a lot of people out there who for some reason cannot get into the homes, and are "Shut-in" at home. I also want to reach those people.

    We would love to come and sing for you sometime.
    I realize that you won't know how you are feeling each day, but i know I can get a few of us together last minute.

    Also Aolani, Aislinn and myself would like to come for a short visit.

    We will continue to say the prayer for the departed for you. God Bless.