Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dream Talking

Some days are tough. It's not pain or crisis, it's just getting through it. The burden for Gina is sometimes just too heavy. The daily routine of taking care of Gerri is busy and rigid, and any change in it brings problems. Case in point, Gina had requested that, if possible, the home care attendants should be ones who are known to them, and when a stranger showed up, there is more stress. Everything is set up to be a calm environment for Gerri, yesterday it just wasn't.

It became clear, as I visited her, that she has gotten a lot weaker in one week. She was sitting up and having a late lunch and we chatted. I showed her the printed pictures of Gerry Graber, the baby, and played an mp3 file a friend sent her, updated her on emails. Throughout the phone kept ringing with legitimate callers and it had to be answered.

When I asked how the week went, I learned about a humidity problem in the apartment that had to be tended to, not pleasant, and that harassing phone calls several times a day continued. I got the number from Gina last week and I found it to be located in California... Nasty business that, leaving messages that are gibberish, ringing several times a day. Someone called that number and it showed 'out of service'. Online responses about this number were numerous, a known problem caller/number others have also experienced. Shaw phone service  charges extra to block numbers, but to get some peace it is the only solution to stop this nonsense.

Another time on another blog I'll rant at length about what I think of Shaw phone service. I can tell you here, it ain't much!

Gerri is starting to zone out. Sometimes she is dream talking, hallucinating, all in a normal conversational tone. If it weren't so concerning, you could find some humor in it. It's a sign that she is sinking fast, starting to react to the heavy drugs she has to take. She is weak, has a hard time moving herself into her bed, lifting her legs, shifting her body.

Gerri said it herself many times, her body has become a burden that her spirit has to drag around. It won't be very much longer, Gerri, when you can let your body go.


  1. Sending always my love and deep gratitude for all Gerri is ... and thanks to the indomitable spirt of Gina and her caregivers for everything they're doing.
    love, mo

  2. Prayers continue to flow to dearest Gerri and to Gina and all of you friends who are there for her.

    With all my love and light and music,

    forever yours, Gergana

  3. Gerri and Gina, and Marianne, and all the others who are helping, caring, and being there when love to you all. Gerri - our african sisterhood is dear in my heart, and you - our wild, wonderful leader. Blessings to you, dear friend.
    sweet love ~

  4. God is in control of everything Gerri. His ways are not our ways. May He continue to strengthen your care givers and everyone who cares about you. Stay blessed. Love, Ge