Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Ayyam-i-Ha for the expectant Grandma

Gerri knows how to celebrate. (Ayyam-i-Ha is a time for gift-giving and social gatherings in the Baha'i Faith.) Her apartment is decorated with lovely lighted branches in a vase and other special decorations, and I know they are planning to celebrate with good food and equally good company. When I called her today, she made me promise that I will eat chocolate; it's Gerri's decree that Ayyam-i-Ha is a day for chocolate! What Gerri wants is what Gerri gets, so chocolate it is. Gina made a ginger and pear upside-down cake of which I'll received a piece next Friday when I go for a short visit to see them both. I'll explain all that to my hips later.

Gerri has been given breathing room, literally and figuratively. As mentioned before, the terrible pain and rapid decline has retreated for now and progression has slowed down to the occasional gentle reminder that it has not stopped. This is giving Gerri time to visit with those who are closest to her, her immediate and extended family, and being able to enjoy the time she has with them. And, perhaps, if God wills it, she'll see the arrival of Vena and Mokuh's child in April. Gerri is an expectant grandma!

For those of you who had asked Gerri about sending a baby gift to Vena and Mokuh, here is a list of baby things that they need. If you would like to send a gift, please send email to Bartholomew and Vena and make arrangements directly with them.

Vena, Mokuh's wife, will be giving birth to their first child in April. Wouldn't it be lovely for Gerri to be here and  welcome her grand child? Prayers will help! Followed by READY... CAMERA... SKYPE!

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  1. Once again, Marianne - a heartfelt thank you for your posts. And such a lovely encouraging one it is. Knowing that Gerri and Gina are able to enjoy, to visit, to share good times, is such good news. Gerri is such an inspiration to me - and I am sure to so many - with her huge spirit, her generousity, her joy. We are all enriched by her, and she is a splendid role model on living, and dying, with grace and intention. Blessing and love to you all.